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Working on imagery art, my attention turned to a more scientific observation of the Human; I look at people in motion like comet stars that travel in space and time. All reality is in motion, the images represent our becoming, the fleeting moment, being projected daily by strong currents, which change, transform and consume. In the movement lies the real: through that instant one can understand life itself.

This research of mine on reality leads me to the representation of the urban landscape as a means that alone manages to convey a state of the spirit in perennial dynamism.


"At the end of the 70s, after half a century ahead of the research of the Futurists, Alessandro Giusberti takes up the theme of Dynamism, becoming at the forefront in the contemporary field".

The genius of an Italian artist Alessandro Giusberti”
Bruce Carnage 2018 Producteur cinemagrafique.


 “Alessandro's paintings are the result of the transformation and unification of both movement and strong expressions. Magic and reality are the result of the artist's skilful fusion, who brought together impressionism, expressionism and realism in his works."

Emanuel von Lauenstein Massarani Art critic President of Historic Heritage Recovery São Paulo Brazil


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