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Orangery Gallery in Shenton Park

Opened on March 16, 2022 in The Orangery Gallery in Shenton Park, this exhibition is the second in a year in Perth with the aim of promoting Italian art in Australia. There are works from 2021 of imagery art, multidimensional painting,  and urban realism including “Angeli in Partenza” and “Adamo e Dio”.


Departing Angels was conceived during a visit by Alessandro Giusberti, to the MoMA in New York, during which he found himself drawn to the incessant movement of the crowd. 

Games of overlapping and doubling of figures seem to want to emphasize existences that intersect, that overlap for a moment in one place, in one instant only to then separate to resume a journey.

This work is an exact representation of "multidimensional"; a stylistically classic and tremendously contemporary, evocative and visionary work.

In his own words: the images I paint represent our becoming, the fleeting moment, our being projected daily by strong currents, currents of space and time that modify, transform and consume us.

Yes, space and time, concepts that have strongly influenced this artist's artistic research, culminating in multidimensional works, the movement the artist himself pioneered back in the 80’s and whose resulting works were presented at the Venice Biennale '92 by international critic. V. Sgarbi to public and critical acclaim.

Particularly relevant today, at a time when our movements are limited, our actions and our communication strongly conditioned, when millions are migrating to escape the atrocities of war, we are all without distinction, "wandering souls" the essence of Alessandro Giusberti’s Departing Angels.

Departing Angels, 2021, oil on canvas, is brought to you by Arte Arechi and exclusively on show this weekend at The Orangery Gallery, 320 Onslow Rd, Shenton Park and part of The Italians exhibition.

- Raffaele Tranzillo

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