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Da una dimensione all'altra, Londra.jpg

In imagery art, metamorphosis arises from visual speculations given by images detected with velocity. It was one of the last, exciting research I carried out in the late 1980s. Reality is broken up, fragmented, split, creating chasms of emptiness (black background), apparitions of figures cut out due to the high speed. This time we do not analyze the trails of images produced by movement in space, but that of a mechanographic process that chooses 'tear' and 'splitting' in their dynamism. Hence a typical fragmentation of our life in this Era derives from it. These fragments of distorted reality interpret acts of life and death of the image, overlap and intersect each other in different dimensions. The destabilization observed in these works represents what we are experiencing in this historical moment. Our reality is broken, broken, absurd,


The image reproduced in the works represents the contemporary emotional state.  Here, the movement is frozen, fractured, cut into pieces; It testifies to the fact that there is no longer a rule, there is no time for transformation, but everything we experience is more drastic, experienced as in an earthquake or flood. The completely dark parts that can be seen in these panoramas represent the unknown in which people and objects are absorbed and cut by an unrepresented movement, their essence is absorbed in another dimension.


Today, the protagonist of the communication is the IPhone, also for the perception of the image, but photography remains for me only a pretext for exploration alongside the materials (not only canvas, but also sheets of plexiglass or glass and wooden or pvc boards). These works were presented at ArteFiera di Bologna in 2015.


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