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Color bordeaux, Parigi.jpg

In imagery art, Expressionism is an alteration of reality caused by accentuating the expressions of man and his entire habitat. The skies can become hyper-starry, the celestial bodies such as the Moon and the Sun turn into roaring torches of rays that break the sky, in the day and in the night and can be painted with reds, oranges, lilies and fiery purples to increase the Pathos .

Together with the Impressionists, expressionists painted the fatigue suffered by the peasants, the poor, the workers, but also a more enjoyable and carefree aspect of society, that of the entertainments of the bourgeois societies of the Moulin Rouge, dancers, theaters and cafes. I would dare to say, however, that Expressionism was born mainly to illustrate suffering, especially in metropolitan societies, the advent of industry, wars and social disparity that lead the individual to know an unknown feeling: loneliness, even when in a metropolis without being physically so far from others.


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